Build Great Bathtubs Better with TOUCHSTONE.

TOUCHSTONE electronics operate every luxury bath feature while reducing costs, complexity, and production time.

Customizable Components
By choosing how your TOUCHSTONE parts operate and look, you can build bathtubs efficiently, cost effectively, and in a way that distinguishes your products.

Streamlined Design
TOUCHSTONE parts support many features but keep a small footprint. Manufacture bathtubs without the complication of additional wiring and mountings.

Exceptional Value
Our parts provide outstanding functionality while reducing material, labor, and installation costs for bath manufacturers.

Feature-Rich Bath Controllers

Manufacturers that have to inventory and switch out controllers for each of their bathtub models face increased expense, production time, and chance of error. With TOUCHSTONE®, there’s no need for stocking and swapping multiple types of controllers. Choose features right from your production line.

All-in-One Control

Customize our feature-rich controllers right from the production line with one-of-a-kind "selection software." TOUCHSTONE accommodates dozens of features, like single and multi-speed, LEDs, and timers.

Smart Design Simplifies Installation

TOUCHSTONE is the only one-box system powered by a single NEMA cord. The controller takes two loads totaling 15 or 20 amps, plus LED lights, with no messy wiring required.

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Customizable Electronic Keypads

All-in-One Control Over Feature-Rich Bathtubs TOUCHSTONE® keypads offer a simple, beautiful, and cost-effective way to operate jets, air blowers, pumps, and other features.

Add logos, change colors, and more

Overlay graphics and the configuration software are 100% customizable.

Is speed your priority?

Standard design keypads are an attractive alternative that's ready to ship with no ordering minimums.

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Standalone Controllers

TOUCHSTONE® has designed each standalone unit to simplify installation, support luxury bath features with a smaller footprint, and reduce the overall expense of manufacturing. Excellent quality and innovative design make it all possible.

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Build Great Bathtubs Better
NuWhirl Systems Corp is a leading producer of innovative, high-quality bath components, including the TOUCHSTONE line of controls.

Proven Success
We make it easy for bath manufacturers to transition to NuWhirl. It's one of the reasons nearly 70% of the industry partners with us.

Our Longevity and Credentials
NuWhirl has focused exclusively on servicing the bathing market for over 10 years introducing innovative and competitive products while cooperating with top brands.

Quality, Construction & Performance
The foundation of our business centers on innovation. Our patented components, which are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. and Canada, give our clients product and market advantages, while end consumers are guaranteed the best experience and performance.

Count on NuWhirl's Quality
Manufacturers choose NuWhirl because our components and systems offer the features and reliability their customers want.

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