Stay warm. Get cozy.

CozyHeat activates in minutes, keeping users warm and relaxed from the moment they enter the tub. These surface heaters are safe and easy to operate. Controlled through a simple software interface, each control module accommodates multiple heaters (up to 96 watts) and can be combined with all hydrotherapy systems.

Highest safety protection in the industry.

Overheat protection managed via dual thermostats and a high temp thermal fuse.

INSTALLATION made EASY with 3M Technology

Features & Benefits

Innovative Proven Technology

Industry-leading overheat protection, multi-level temperature monitoring.


Fastest heating curves in industry enhances bathing experience.

Adaptable Installation

Custom shapes, solutions for all bathtub configurations.

Rugged Construction

Heating cables blanketed in a multi-layer mesh. Trouble-free installation. Excellent mechanical strength.

100% Customizable

Multiple backing configurations available. 3M adhesive or insulated backing can be combined or omitted upon request.

Easy to Install. Easy to Integrate. Easy to Operate.

TOUCHSTONE control module accommodates multiple heaters (up to 96 watts). Can be combined with all hydrotherapy systems.

All-in-One Control

Customize our feature-rich controllers right from the production line with one-of-a-kind "selection software." TOUCHSTONE accommodates CozyHeat in conjunction with dozens of features, like single and multi-speed, LEDs, and timers.

Easy to Operate

Available for any tub configuration, CozyHeat integrates with all other hydrotherapy options. Flexible temperature settings available, all under software control.

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