What are Microbubbles?

Microbubbles are billions of tiny, oxygen-rich bubbles with no other ingredients or additives. Infusion’s patented technology super-saturates water with up to 80% more dissolved oxygen than regular tap water alone. This unique combination of water and air provides more combined benefits than any other bathing technology in history.

Infusion is available for any bathtub design, including freestanding, vessel tubs, and it has a guaranteed five-year warranty.

Conventional Bath Technology

Featuring a small installation footprint, the Infusion® Generation II System is designed for standard conventional tubs. The tiny generated Microbubbles feel soft and silky, just like skin will feel after the bath. The water's milky, champagne-like mist will conceal the body as one bathes, and it's quiet and nonturbulent unlike jetted or air baths.

MBKIT400SCS - Microbubble Kit, Gen II, Air Switch Pump, Convetional Bath
MBKIT400XCS - Microbubble Kit, Gen II, No Air Switch Pump, Convetional Bath

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Walk-In Bath Microbubble Therapy

With tens of thousands of Walk-in units in the field, Infusion® offers a totally non-abrasive, deep-cleaning efficacy that will remove dry and dead skin in a way no other hydrotherapy provides.

MBKIT200SCS - Microbubble Plumbing Kit, Gen I, Air Switch Pump, Walk-In Bath
MBKIT200XCS - Microbubble Plumbing Kit, Gen I, No Air Switch Pump, Walk-In Bath

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Why Infusion?

We Tell the Truth
NuWhirl invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on microbubbles research and our technology. We conducted our own efficacy study with an independent lab. Results guarantee skin will be smoother, more hydrated and more moisturized after using Infusion for at least 10 minutes.

Proven Success
NuWhirl is the global leader in microbubble technology and has the largest installed worldwide user base. Over 50,000 Infusion systems have been installed in the bathing market — more than any other company — with rave reviews from end consumers.

Our Longevity and Credentials
NuWhirl has focused exclusively on servicing the bathing market for over 10 years introducing innovative and competitive products while cooperating with top brands.

Quality, Construction & Performance
The foundation of our business centers on innovation. Our patented components, which are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. and Canada, give our clients product and market advantages, while end consumers are guaranteed the best experience and performance.

Dedication to Safety & Environment
Infusion is all-natural and safe for users of any kind. It contains no soaps, chemicals or detergents, and is hypoallergenic. “Read the label” and know there is nothing but 100% natural ingredients at work.

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