Cyclone Air Blowers with Optional Heater

Inject warm bubbles into the water by selecting one of our powerful Cyclone blowers with optional built-in heater. Provide your customers peace of mind thanks to an automatic dry-cycle that naturally sanitizes the system in between baths.


500w   3/4HP   No Heater


450w   3/4HP   300w Heater


450w   3/4HP   600w Heater


700w   1HP   300w Heater


700w   1HP   600w Heater

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Installation Made Simple

NuWhirl's Cyclone Air Blowers can be seamlessly integrated with NuWhirl’s TOUCHSTONE® Electronic Controls together with our durable Multi-Port Manifolds and Check Valves in a few simple steps.

Choose from a Broad Variety of Trims

NuWhirl’s wide selection of air injectors complement the most contemporary bath designs. Our classic, low profile and brass injectors are designed with a built-in check valve to prevent water from backflowing into the lines. We offer a range of finishes to provide the best match to your products.

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Why Cyclone?

Easy to Install.
Network the air blower through the multi-port manifold to feed the air injectors in a few simple steps.

Easy to Operate.
Control the bath’s system with the simple press of an Air Button or TOUCHSTONE keypad.

Easy to Purchase.
Product in stock. No minimums for off-the-shelf product. Low minimums for custom designs.

Transform the ordinary home bath into a luxury spa experience!

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