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Founded in 2005, NuWhirl Systems CORP is based in Corona, California. The company sells its products to high-volume and mid-range whirlpool bath manufacturers as well as to the custom marble and granite bath industry under the NuWhirl trademark.

NuWhirl has a unique position in the supply chain as a primarily sourced tub component manufacturer that can focus on engineering, distribution and serving the individuals needs of its customers while remaining competitively priced and highly-flexible. As a result, the company has earned a strong reputation for its quality whirlpool bath components and high performance pumps as well as its on-time shipping and responsive service – not only with small, independently-owned manufacturers and custom craftsman but also with large, leading global manufacturers of whirlpool bath products.

The company's growth prospects are expected to be substantial both in the near and longer term due to: 1) the steady improvement in the housing market in the months ahead, 2) the greater consumer interest and spending on home remodeling, and 3) the significant increase currently forecast for new household formations in the next decade, which is expected to be a major factor in driving homes sales higher over the longer term.

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