Tub surface cracks can cost bath manufacturers thousands of dollars in warranty claims.

EZReach reduces the risk of damage by helping installers support tubs properly.

Make It Easy to Make It Stable

EZReach is as simple as pulling a string. Installers can adjust tubs in under a minute, even in hard-to-reach spaces.

Support Contractors to Support Sales

Give contractors even more reason to recommend your products by saving them time and money during installation.



Foot, Leveling, Adjustable
2.6" Fully Compressed
Minimum Height 5.4"
Fully Extended Maximum Height 2.4" Diameter

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Features and Benefits

Stress-balancing design

Tubs with proper support experience less surface stress and a lower risk of cracking. Stability with speed. EZReach provides secure, robust support to bathtubs in seconds.


Each EZReach foot is designed to hold up to 285 lb. (tested to a 5X safety factor).

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