TOUCHSTONE Standalone Bath Controllers

All-in-One Control Over Feature-Rich Bathtubs

TOUCHSTONE has designed each standalone unit to simplify installation, support luxury bath features with a smaller footprint, and reduce the overall expense of manufacturing. Excellent quality and innovative design make it all possible.

Standalone Controllers

Air Activated Controllers

The CAST-201 unit is a stand-alone Air Switch Timer that provides for a simple user interface. The controller can be field configured to one of four software program options. This NEMA plug-in module has On, Off and Timer functions; allowing a Pump or a Blower to operate for up to 20 minutes before shutting itself down. All operated by an Air Button interface for ease of use.

Auxiliary Units

Used with the CIMC-213 or CIMC-288 Command-series Controllers. These modules slide together with the main control unit to create a single control platform. These units are designed to operate a single speed pump, variable speed pump or a variable speed blower load.

Solenoid Drivers

NuWhirl offers a wide range of solenoids for use with the TOUCHSTONE Solenoid Driver control module. These solenoids are available in various coil voltages and inlet/outlet sizes and can be adapted for many different uses.

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