micrOzone System


Ozone is a proven water disinfectant. NuWhirl's micrOzone generator targets tub plumbing where water can remain after baths, creating a higher concentration of ozone than many larger units. Its size-the smallest in the industry-means simple and flexible installation.

High Performance: Uses patented Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell technology that generates higher concentrations of ozone than many larger units.

Compact Size: Smallest ozone generator available to the bathing industry, making it adaptable to a variety of applications.

Automated Solution: Introduces ozone into water automatically when a pump / blower is turned on.

Safety: Innovative technology minimizes nitrous oxide off-gassing.

Smart Power: Combine its piggy-back cord with a pump or blower to turn on only as needed. Adjustable output of 15mg/hr. to 30mg/hr. (128ppm to 255ppm.)Efficiency: Low power consumption means more electrical capacity for pumps, blowers and lights.All-in-One Product: Simple to inventory and put on the manufacturing floor. 3 ft. of 1/4 inch ID tubing with 1/4 inch X 3/8 inch Kynar check valve, sold separately.

Easy Activation: Can be combined with a Touchstone system for more control options.

Proven Technology: cURus (USR/CNR.) micrOzone's technology has been proven with customers for 20+ years.

Instant Service: Product in stock. No minimums. Expedited order processing available upon request.
System Installation Instructions Downloads:

These manuals are for use by Tub Manufacturers or Qualified Service Personnel ONLY. These instructions may only be utilized by NuWhirl-authorized Bath Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or qualified service personnel. Questions regarding installation should be directed to the OEM.

Installation Instructions

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