TOUCHSTONE Surface Heater and LED Light Controller


NuWhirl's TOUCHSTONE stand-alone controller powers our line of CozyHeat surface heaters. This dedicated controller makes installation even simpler and more cost-effective for manufacturers. By activating CozyHeat, users can quickly warm the tub's surfaces and enjoy a chill-free bathing experience. The controller reduces manufacturing expenses further by offering a free open port for powering LED bath lights.

Easier Installation Simplifies setup for surface heaters by providing a dedicated and straightforward control system.

Cost-Effectiveness Uses fewer components than traditional controllers, reducing overall expense.

LED Light Activation Includes an open controller port for powering LED lights, further reducing manufacturing costs.

Fast and Safe Warming Helps heat tub surfaces in minutes. The controller works with CozyHeat's overheat protection system and optional temperature feedback sensor.

Small Footprint Offers simple installation in tight spaces thanks to its compact size.

Custom Settings Provides software that lets manufacturers select the target surface temperature.

Immediate Availability Product in stock. No minimums. Expedited order processing available upon request.

CIHC-300-01-01-01 - Surface Heater Controller
CIDU-252-03-03-01 - Surface Heater Display Unit Button
CCBL-366 - Cable, 6, 4 Connector 22AWG
CCBL-382 - Cable, 6', POS MTA to 8 POS Mini-Din

Dimensions: 7-3/8" L x 4-1/2" W x 5" H

Electrical Ratings:
Input: 120 VAC 60 Hz. 2A. Max.
Load: For Connection To NuWhirl Corp. CozyHeat surface heaters only (max rating 4 Amps, 96 Watts)
Low Voltage Output: 24VDC 4A Max.
UL Recognized Component
cRUus certified, File # E300033

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