Mojave Water Heaters

NuWhirl's Mojave heaters give whirlpool users the luxurious bathing experience they want by keeping water at a more consistent temperature. This reduces manual filling and draining of warm and cold water to control conditions. Our products activate automatically, include important safety features, and help manufacturers meet a variety of plumbing needs with T-shape, inline suction, and inline pressure models.

Hot Bathe Circulating Kit

NuWhirl's Hot Bathe elevates the luxury of soaker tubs with a continuous, virtually-silent flow of warm water. Provide bathers with the sensation of serenely drifting along with the current, and create a spa-like sanctuary in the home by keeping the bath at a more consistent and comfortable temperature. Our inline water heater and circulation pump is nearly inaudible, integrates well with other manufacturer offerings, and includes important safety features.

Inline Pressure Heaters

Inline Suction Heaters

Tee Pressure Heaters

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