Certify Your Bathtubs for Less when Your Company Switches to NuWhirl

Bathtub manufacturers have a problem. They want to switch part suppliers so they can offer consumers standout new features and higher-quality components but, they're stuck with their current supplier because certification is expensive.

Now, NuWhirl makes it simple to switch. Our UL Hub & Spoke program means manufacturers can use our parts without additional testing, and they pay nothing to UL list.

About NuWhirl's UL Hub & Spoke Program

Make tubs more marketable.
Manufacturers get their own UL file number for both the United States and Canada.

Keep it simple.
´╗┐Companies qualify when they switch to NuWhirl for parts such as suction fittings and corded components (like controllers, pumps, blowers, and surface heaters).
Minimum purchase is required.

Let us handle the administrative process.
When manufacturers use NuWhirl parts in compliance with our file, their bathtub becomes ready for certification automatically.

Save on costs.
No additional testing is required, and NuWhirl will pay the annual dues for listing, saving manufacturers thousands of dollars. Companies are only responsible for the cost of their quarterly UL inspections.

Now's the time to switch to NuWhirl's innovative, high-quality parts.

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