Thermistor Surface Heater Probe Cable

Item# CCBL-379

NuWhirl's CozyHeat surface heater line now includes an optional temperature probe cable which detects the amount of heat in the seat and thus allows the user the ability to adjust it.

Thermistor Surface Heater Probe Cable

Innovative Fast warm up. Custom shapes available. Power supply can drive multiple blankets. Optional thermistor sensor for temperature feedback.

Proven Technology Core heating technology has been installed in thousands of heating applications worldwide. Industry leading overheat protection accomplished through multi-level temperature monitoring using a tandem thermal switch and high temp thermal fuse. An industry first.

Rugged Construction The heating cables are encased in a multi-layer mesh blanket, bonded together through a heat press process, providing excellent mechanical strength, ready for a trouble free tub manufacturing process.

Performance With one of the fastest heating curves in the industry, CozyHeat dramatically enhances the bathers' experience. Easy to Install Prep the surface with a wire brush, peel off the adhesive backing and press or roll on.

Easy to Operate by electronic control: with a stand alone power supply or a Touchstone system integrated supply, systems are available for any tub configuration. Can also be combined with any other Touchstone features/control modules. Various temperature settings available all under software control.

Easy to purchase In stock; backed by industry leading customer care; same day shipping upon request.

Total Length: 6'

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