TOUCHSTONE Master Keypads

Item# CIDU-315-05-xx-01

NuWhirl's TOUCHSTONE master keypads offer all-in-one control over feature-rich bathtubs. Manufacturers can more simply and cost-effectively give bathers a way to operate NuWhirl's jets, air blowers / pumps, lighting, and Infusion® Microbubble Therapy. The "master bath" model also activates our CozyHeat surface heaters, ensuring a chill-free bathing experience.

TOUCHSTONE Master Keypads

Simple Installation Eliminate the need for and cost of additional switches and wiring.

Ease of Use Offer bathers an attractive and uncomplicated way to adjust tub features.

Customizable Artwork Select the graphics and colors for the keypad's LED backlights.

Intensity Controls Provide "plus" and "minus" buttons for a personalized bathing experience.

Infusion® Microbubble Therapy Activate to infuse bathwater with micro-sized, oxygen-rich bubbles.

Surface Heaters Turn on CozyHeat to warm the tub's surfaces (available in the "master bath" model).

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