TOUCHSTONE Air Activated Blower Controller

Item# CAST-201-01-01-XX

A complete air system solution from NuWhirl. The Air-Activated Controller unit provides for a feature rich yet simple user interface. The Air-Activated Controller is a NEMA plug-in pre-programmed, stand-alone control with features which include blower timing, speed control and dry cycle functions. All operated by an Air Button interface for ease of use.

TOUCHSTONE Air Activated Blower Controller

The printed circuit board is conformal coated for protection against corrosion and includes an automatic shut-off after 20 minutes. Additional configurations are available (CAST-201-01-01-XX).

The Dry Cycle function for blower configurations automatically starts 20 minutes after operation ceases and runs for one minute to reduce moisture in the air lines. This function works even if the blower is turned off before the automatic shut-off.

The Air-Activated Controller plugs into any standard 120VAC outlet. The blower plugs into the Controller. NuWhirl's air button and air tubing also plug into the controller and are used to activate the system. All components are modular and easily removable for service or repair.

A complete Air System Installation using the Air-Activated Controller requires the following: Cyclone Blower, TOUCHSTONE Air-Activated Controller, Air Button, Air Manifold, Air Tubing , Check Valve and Air Injector Assembly.

Electrical Specifications: 120VAC 60HZ RATED 11.5 AMPS, NEMA/NEMA Plug-in UL1795 Recognized / Meets CSA No. 218

Product Dimensions: 6.80 Inch h x 2.15 Inch d x 3.45 Inch w (170mm x 55 mmm x 88mm)

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