Plumbing Kits

To conveniently order the parts required to plumb a tub, select a Plumbing Kit, a Trim Set, and a Pump. Add pipe and your system is complete.

Use the chart below to "build" the Model number of the Plumbing Kit you require.

Plumbing Kit Model Number Build Chart
Example Model #: KS06210VFSYS

Standard Plumbing Kits Include:

  • Classic Jet Venturis and Bodies
  • Suction Elbow and Body
  • Pump Connector and Outlet Tee
  • Air Control Elbow
  • Tee for Air Line
  • Plugs for Venturis
  • 1-1/2" Elbow for Suction Line
  • 15" Tie-Wrap for Suction Line
  • Operating/Homeowner's Instructions

    Custom Plumbing Kits can be created for your unique needs. If one of our standard Plumbing Kits does not match your requirements, consult with NuWhirl Sales to specify your Custom Plumbing Kit.

  • Create superior bathtub products with an exceptional supply partner.

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