Cyclone Air Blowers with Optional Heaters

NuWhirl's powerful line of Cyclone blowers provide seamless integration with NuWhirl’s TOUCHSTONE® Electronic Controls, manual Air Buttons, and Air Injectors. Provide your customers peace of mind thanks to an automatic dry-cycle that naturally sanitizes the entire Air Massage system in between baths. Inject warm bubbles into the water by selecting one of our newest models with optional built-in heater.


Blower Options

Control the bath’s system with the simple press of an Air Button or TOUCHSTONE® keypad. Product in stock. No minimums for off-the-shelf product. Low minimums for custom designs and configurations.

BL120-500H000T0 - Blower, 500w, 3/4HP, No Heater, Cord & NEMA Plug
BL120-450H300T0 - Blower, 450w, 3/4HP, 300w Heater, Cord & NEMA Plug
BL120-450H600T0 - Blower, 450w, 3/4HP, 600w Heater, Cord & NEMA Plug
BL120-700H300T0 - Blower, 700w, 1HP, 300w Heater, Cord & NEMA Plug
BL120-700H600T0 - Blower, 450w, 1HP, 600w Heater, Cord & NEMA Plug

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