Innovation by NuWhirl

Solve your biggest challenges-even the ones you never realized you were facing. NuWhirl Systems Corp innovates to give the manufacturers we serve a strategic advantage and to give their consumers the best experience possible.

Along with quality, innovation is one of NuWhirl's core competencies. We build it into our process, whether we are creating new products and features or rethinking parts that the market has overlooked and commoditized. As a result, manufacturers that buy from NuWhirl constantly have new and valuable offerings to bring to market.

How We Innovate

Understand the Need. Often, manufacturers come to NuWhirl with an engineering challenge, an idea, or an order for a custom part. Because we work closely with our customers, our team is able to evaluate and respond in a strategic way to these opportunities.

Define the Concept. NuWhirl's new product development team meets to discuss these projects. We establish the need and the purpose of each project, bringing in feedback from both our engineers and the customer. Our team then develops the initial concept and specifications.

Broaden the Scope. A great idea is a great idea. Often, NuWhirl finds that an innovative product or feature will work well for many customers and markets. NuWhirl leverages successful customization into innovations that support a host of manufacturers. In some cases, what started out as a conversation between NuWhirl and the customers we support ends up completely changing the way all consumers buy and enjoy their products.

First-to-Market by NuWhirl

First components supplier to offer microbubble technology in North America.

NuWhirl's release of Infusion™ allowed bath OEMs to provide their customers with at-home microbubble hydrotherapy.

First research-backed microbubble system.

While various health and beauty claims have been made about the efficacy of microbubble technology, our Infusion system is the first with backing by research from a third-party laboratory.

First fully integrated single-box control system.

NuWhirl's TOUCHSTONE Dual Load Controller introduced the ability to manage any two main loads as well as LED lights and operation by air button or electronic control.

First company to offer surface heaters with an integrated control system.

NuWhirl's CozyHeat helped users quickly warm the tub's surfaces to enjoy a chill-free bath.

First to use pad-printed buttons and controls.

NuWhirl introduced the pad technique to replace traditional sticker labels. This improved the quality of components and ensured that labels would stand up to wear-and-tear over time.

First flush-mounted jet system patented in North America.

Our Impressions products gave bathers a way to rest comfortably against the tub's surface with no protruding parts and attractive and functional design.

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