Infusion Microbubble Kit with Optional Air Switch


Infusion is a highly innovative luxury bathing experience that infuses water under pressure with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich microbubbles, transforming your bath water into a soothing cloud that helps moisturize, soften, restore and exfoliate skin, and helps relax mind and body.

Infusion Microbubble Kit with Optional Air Switch

Features and Benefits

Innovative U.S patented LTF (Liquid Thin Film) device super-saturates the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone.

Proven Technology Microbubble technology has been successfully used in the water treatment industry for many years.

Performance High pressure, low flow 10.0A pump allows system to operate under lower pressure and lower power than comparable products.

Rugged Construction MBPTA pressure vessel was designed to 125% of maximum pressure and lab tested for over 70,000 cycles (95 years of bathing; two baths per day)

Easy to Operate Controlled by a Air Switch or Touchstone Electronic Control.

Easy to purchase In stock; backed by industry leading customer care; same day shipping upon request.

Exceptional service support: Infusion is supported by the best engineering, sales and customer care in the Whirlpool Bath industry.

System Installation Instructions Downloads:

These manuals are for use by Tub Manufacturers or Qualified Service Personnel ONLY. These instructions may only be utilized by NuWhirl-authorized Bath Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or qualified service personnel. Questions regarding installation should be directed to the OEM.

Infusion System Installation Guide - Conventional Baths

Infusion System Installation Guide - Walk-In-Bath

Important Safety Instructions

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